AGC Beginnings

The Utah Chapter of the Associated General Contractors was founded less than four years after the end of World War I. The first formal meeting of the association was held January 9, 1922 at the historic Hotel Utah in Salt Lake City. The group was formally incorporated in February of that year as the General Contractors Association of Utah. The first leaders of the chapter included President V.P. Strange and Secretary-Treasurer Eric W. Ryberg.

Those early members worked tirelessly at their respective crafts, and their efforts made it possible for future generations to enjoy the modern-day comforts of life we often take for granted. Since its inception nearly 90 years ago, AGC of Utah contractors have built virtually every major project in the Beehive State. These projects not only provide the foundation of our existence, they enhance the quality of our lives in every facet. They include stately government buildings, institutions of higher learning, state-of-the-art medical facilities, complex roads, bridges, and highway systems, not to mention intricate utilitysystems such as water and wastewater treatment plants, underground pipelines and electrical generating stations. It would be impossible to comprehend what life would be like without these incredibly multi-faceted projects.

“AGC of Utah is a proud partner of the Associated General Contractors of America”

National AGC:

The history of the Associated General Contractors of America is noteworthy, in that the association, which is the largest and longest tenured in the United States, was born out of necessity. The year was 1918, and the United States was caught up in the throes of World War I, fighting intense battles with nemesis Germany throughout the European theater. One of the many difficult lessons learned since the U.S. entered the war in the spring of 1917, was that construction was an essential war industry.

A request made by President Woodrow Wilson to contractors throughout the nation triggered a chain of events that would result in the organization of the Associated General Contractors of America in November 1918. The AGC of America was initially comprised of 97 leading general contracting firms, who joined together to build housing and training centers for the U.S. Army. This monumental task was the single largest construction project U.S. contractors had ever undertaken, with the exception of the building of the Panama Canal.

Today the AGC of America represents nearly 33,000 firms associated with the construction industry. AGC is founded on growing construction markets, reducing regulatory burdens, shaping emerging industry issues and trends and honing contractors’ business practices from the office to the job trailer. AGC has helped contractors improve their bottom line for more than 90 years. Through a network of 95 chapters that serve each member firm, AGC has presence in every state and local community, ultimately binding the seamless relationship binding the seamless relationship between members and their association. Together with the AGC of Utah, AGC of America partners in delivering quality services to enhance the value of Membership.