About Membership

What do nearly 500 companies know?

There is a reason why nearly 500 of Utah’s commercial construction professionals large and small, Union and Non-Union, turn to the Associated General Contractors for the industry’s leading services and representation. As the largest, and only statewide commercial construction trade association, AGC of Utah sets the benchmark by providing:

  • Legislative support, representation and lobbying.
  • Information and access to cutting edge ideas, insights to trends, and developments, how-to-information, professional development and skills training
  • Value – Direct and measurable benefits saving members more than they are spending on their membership dues.
  • Business opportunities – providing a wide variety of networking and business to business events and meetings. 

As a member of the AGC of Utah you are also a member of the Associated General Contractors of America. You have the benefit of AGC of America's 90 years of experience representing the interests of the construction industry. In addition, your membership in AGC of America provides you with a significant menu of products, services and features that can be found at www.agc.org.

Membership Qualifications

The AGC of Utah welcomes all General Contractors, Specialty Contractors, and Service/Suppliers who are committed to the principles of Skill, Integrity and Responsibility in their business and are committed to the support of the construction industry.

Skill – the possession and application of the necessary technical and practical experience to execute the projects undertake in a professional and efficient manner.
Integrity – The character to comply with the spirit and letter of contracts undertaken and to handle every transaction with fairness and honor.
Responsibility – The possession and application of the necessary finances, cash or credit, together with the needed equipment and organization and manpower to fulfill all commitments promptly and completely.

How to Join