Apprenticeship Program

The AGC of Utah has as their objective the belief and need for skilled craftworkers in all phases of the construction industry. The AGC of Utah Apprenticeship Program is approved through the Department of Labor/Office of Apprenticeship and consists of two segments; well developed on-the-job training and related technical instruction (classroom training).

The related training of the apprenticeship program is based on the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) curriculum, and courses are currently taught in partnership with the Mountainland Applied Technology College (MATC) or can be taught at another one of the Utah College of Applied Technology (UCAT) campuses throughout Utah.

AGC of Utah’s apprenticeship programs are categorized as either Time Based or Hybrid.

Time-Based Requirements

A time-based occupation requires a minimum of 2,000 hours, which includes an outline of the specific work processes and the approximate time requirement for each individual work process under that occupation.


Hybrid Program Requirements

In addition to time-based programs which have a fixed set time for completion (i.e., 2,000, 4,000, 6,000 hours) and competency/performance based programs, a third alternative has evolved which, in effect, is a “hybrid” of these two types of programs. This third type of program is basically a combination of time and performance considerations whereby work processes are developed with a minimum – maximum time/hours for each task or job requirement (i.e., minimum 200 hours maximum 400 hours).

Upon completion of an apprenticeship program, craftworkers receive a Journeyworker certificate from the Department of Labor/Office of Apprenticeship which is a nationally recognized certification.

In addition, the AGC of Utah Apprenticeship Program is overseen by a selected apprenticeship committee, one representing the highway sector, and one representing the vertical building sector.

The AGC of Utah currently offers training in the following apprenticeship trades:


Form Builder – Rough Carpenter (2 year 4000 hours)


Heavy Equipment Operator (3 year 6000 hours)


Construction Craft Skilled Laborer (2 year 4000 hours)


Cement Mason – Concrete Finisher (2 year  4000 hours)


Truck Driver – Heavy (1 year  2000 hours)


For more information contact Richard Fullmer at or by calling 801-363-2753





·         Form Builder-Rough Carpenter Form

·         Heavy Equipment Operator Form

·         Construction Craft Skilled Laborer Form

·         Cement Mason – Concrete Finisher Form

 Truck Driver - Heavy



Why be an Apprentice?

Being an apprentice gives you the power of knowledge and
with that knowledge comes opportunity and advancement. You
will learn from qualified and respected industry professionals
who are willing to share their years of experience to help you
advance in your career.

You will learn real-world, applicable skills that will not only help
you grow in your profession but help your paycheck grow as well.
Through hard work, dedication, and the knowledge you gain in
the apprenticeship program, you will increase your value to a
company and to the construction industry, which typically leads
to a higher wage. Participating in an apprenticeship program
shows initiative in furthering your career and developing your
leadership potential. In addition to learning from the pages of
a book, you will learn directly from seasoned professionals that
will show you tips, tricks, best practices and industry secrets
that will give you an edge against your competition.
When you complete the apprenticeship program, you will
receive a nationally recognized Form Builder/Rough Carpenter
Journeyman Certificate from the Department of Labor / Office
of Apprenticeship. Join the apprenticeship program and let our
quest for the power of knowledge begin!


Form Builder – Rough Carpenter (Building Program)