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Virtual Reality Saving Construction Industry $Millions$

You’ve probably heard of a certain technology called Virtual Reality, but did you know that there are many uses for this revolutionary technology outside of the video game industry. In fact, one of the ways that construction industries are saving millions of dollars a year is through Virtual and Augmented Reality. Economists are estimating that this new technology will lower construction costs by 90% and could actually save the industry around $15.8 billion. How can this be? Let’s look at the things the industry is doing to put money back into their pocket while, physically, doing less work.

construction workers using vr

Augmented Reality

- Previewing a building and making changes before construction begins.

- Measuring a space’s physical properties and comparing them to building plans.

- Making on-site changes without physically changing anything first.

- Visually seeing all building plans in layers from the location of pipes to where a single drill hole should be placed.

- Providing video safety training to employees. - Taking notes and videos in the field to be shared with their team.

Virtual Reality

- Training employees to safely use equipment such as Forklifts, Excavators, Backhoes, etc., by practicing virtually beforehand.

- Properly give safety trainings by putting employees in real-world situations virtually so they know how to react.

- Remote work meetings while virtually being on site.

- Eliminating confusion about what the end result will be because they can virtually see it before it begins.

Being able to correct a mistake before it’s made, prevent a workplace incident, provide training without using actual equipment, and eliminate all physical mock-ups will save the construction industry millions each year. With a global construction market that is expected to grow $8 trillion by 2030, virtual and augmented reality could easily be one of the greatest technological improvements the construction industry has ever seen.


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