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Frontline Leadership Training


Unlock the potential of your workforce leaders and reduce turnover rates with the Frontline Leadership Class presented by the Associated General Contractors of Utah. Tailored for those recently promoted to leadership roles, this program is designed to cultivate essential leadership skills crucial for effective team management and success.

What's Included?

The AGC of Utah's Frontline Leadership Training is broken up into three, 3½ hour classes broken up over three months.

Participants will be trained on the foundational leadership skills needed to lead their teams:

Class One:

Leadership Fundamentals

man in a hard hat looking at blue prints

Lay the groundwork for effective leadership strategies.

Class Two:

Effective Communication

construction worker

Master the art of communication for increased team dynamics and performance.

Class Three:

EQ & Difficult Conversations

construction workers

Equip leaders with emotional intelligence tools to navigate challenging discussions with employees.

Why Sign Up?

By participating in this program, companies can anticipate a significant boost in productivity and morale, leading to enhanced efficiency and employee satisfaction. An emphasis on reducing turnover rates and increasing retention ensures the development of a stable and motivated workforce. Invest in your team's success by empowering your frontline leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in their roles.

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