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AGC of Utah Training Center

Answering Utah's Construction Workforce Needs

With the construction of the AGC of Utah Training Center, we are helping combat the labor and skilled workforce shortages our industry is facing. This 16,000 square foot building includes a large auditorium, flexible seminar rooms, as well as hands on training areas inside and outside. This building is specifically designed to meet the needs and support the many training requirements in the construction industry. Not only does it increase the AGC of Utah's flexibility to host multiple classes and events, but also provide a venue for AGC of Utah members and community organizations to hold events and trainings. The Training Center makes it possible for additional efforts to be taken to attract and develop the new workforce and to enhance the skills of the existing workforce. This Training Center was built by AGC of Utah members for the industry to help with any and all training needs.

AGC Training Center

Have you toured the facility yet?

If you haven't bring your crew down for a tour and see how the facility can benefit you!

AGC of Utah 2021 - Service to the Industry Award

The 2021 Service to the Industry Award was presented to a team, rather than one individual, who literally made magic happen in the planning, execution, and construction of the new AGC Training Center. These individuals collectively brought vision, insights, and decades of expertise in pulling together nearly 125 AGC members and friends for the successful completion of the facility that will lead AGC's charge in addressing the workforce shortage.

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