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One of the most difficult challenges faced by the construction industry is the development of an efficient and highly trained workforce. To help answer that need we have worked for decades now to develop a Department of Labor approved apprenticeship program. Apprenticeships allow new industry employees the opportunity to build skills and experience. Not only do apprentices stay motivated and invested in their company, but they typically become valuable employees for their company. The AGC of Utah Apprenticeship programs work to build relationships and value both for the students and their sponsoring companies.  Our programs include training for Heavy Equipment Operators, Rough and Civil Carpenters, Truck Drivers, and Skilled Laborers.

Heavy Eq Operator
Rough and Civil Carpenter
Truck Driver
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Each of the apprenticeship programs (Skilled Labor, Rough & Civil Carpenter, Heavy Equipment Operator & Truck Driver) has a required number of on the job training hours and related training. All related training curriculum is from the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). The AGC of Utah has partnered with Mountainland Technical College to provide the required educational instruction. Students will receive college credit for the classes. Most programs have classes one week at a time throughout the winter, although the Rough Carpenter program has night classes that go from fall through spring.

How It Works

AGC of Utah Apprentices are sponsored by participating employers who must be AGC of Utah members. To sign up a new apprentice, these employers contact the AGC of Utah Director of Apprenticeship who will arrange an interview with the prospective Apprentice. Once the paperwork has been processed, Apprentices will begin accruing On-the-Job Training Hours and will start classes at the beginning of the next semester.

If you are interested in becoming an apprentice, contact AGC of Utah and request a list of current participating employers. If you are an employer looking to become a sponsor, send an email to

The Advantages

The advantages for an Apprentice going through the program are clear. Greater chance for advancement, job security, faster pay advancements upon completion, certification from the U.S. Dept. of Labor, B.A.T. (Journeyman), job skills that are recognized anywhere in the country.

The advantages for an employer to place their employee in the program are an opportunity to assist in workforce development, create a workforce of competent and well-trained, loyal employees, to comply with Department of Transportation requirements for certain construction jobs, and rewarding the loyalty and drive of motivated employees.


A Monthly Apprenticeship Reporting Form is sent from the contractor to AGC of Utah and tracks the Apprentice by name, the total hours the Apprentice worked for the current month and the grand total of hours completed towards their Apprenticeship. Companies pay AGC of Utah for these OJT hours at a set rate, depending on the type of apprenticeship. However, companies only pay a maximum of $1,500 per apprentice per year.*

Apprentices and companies who are using apprenticeship hours to meet UDOT project goals have additional benefits available to them. Contact Taylor Smith for more information

*This only applies to hours payments that are not being reimbursed to the contractor by project owners.


Want to become a participating company?

Questions about our programs? Please contact:

Richard Fullmer

AGC of Utah Director of Apprenticeship


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