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Association Healthcare Plan

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Save on your health plans! Accessing the AGC of Utah Healthcare Program is easier than ever before - simply contact your insurance broker to check if they are an approved AGC of Utah Select Health broker. If not, call Beehive Insurance at (801)-685-6860 to find out how to save on your healthcare.

Plan Options

  • Choose from up to ten different plans, including traditional and HSA-compatible plans.
  • Choose between two large provider networks with access to all Intermountain Health facilities.
  • All plan option benefits resemble large company benefits.

Network Options

Select Health provides coverage through a broad network of providers and facilities for regularly scheduled and specialty care.

Select health Value Network

  • This is a great option for members living and looking for care along the Wasatch Front. This network includes all Intermountain health facilities and providers.

Select Health Med Network

  • This network is available statewide with more hospitals and providers than Select health Value.
  • Includes all Intermountain Health providers and facilities.
  • A swing-out option providers benefits at out-of-network hospitals and providers for most services.

UnitedHealthcare Options PPO National Network

Out Select Health Med plans with out-of-network benefits include in-network access to nearly 850,000 physicians and 83% of hospitals nationwide.

Intermountain Connect Care

Intermountain Connect Care is a convenient way to talk to a provider about urgent medical issues. Use your smartphone, tablet, or computer anytime anywhere — all for $0 out-of-pocket costs per visit*.

Behavioral Health Services are available daily, from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., including same-day appointments.

*If you're on a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), you'll pay $0 out of pocket after your deductible.

Intermountain Health Answers

Intermountain health Answers is a free, 24-hour nurse advice line for Select health members. Call 844-501-6600.

Wellness Rewards Program

Get reimbursed up to $240 per person,* per calendar for things like your gym membership or taking 7,000 steps a day. Family limits may apply.

*Rewards received may be considered income and subject to tax.

Select Health Mobile App

MEDICAL COST ESTIMATOR - Estimate the cost of many healthcare services using your unique benefits.

REQUEST A CALL - Use this tool when you need to talk to our Member Services team at a time more convenient for you.

ID CARDS - Lost ID card? No worries — members can view and print copies of their card by logging in to their member account.

CHAT WITH US - No time for a phone call? We have a secure chat feature to talk with Member Services online.

RX SAVINGS SOLUTIONS - Save money on your prescriptions and enjoy access to more than 55,000 pharmacies, including national chains.


Q: What is an Association Health Plan (AHP)?

A: A health plan offered to member-employers of a bona-fide association.

Q: How are they beneficial?

A: They allow small businesses to group together to purchases and access benefits that are typically only available to large employers.

Q: Are they well-known and established?

A: Yes. AHPs have been available for many years and are a common offering in most states throughout the U.S. Select Health currently maintains many AHP groups.


Want more information?

Call the Select health Sales team at 844-442-6294.

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