• 2021 Summer Golf
  • 55th Annual AGC of Utah Summer Scholarship Golf Tournament 


    Under the blazing summer sun, over 665 players across five different courses enjoyed the 55th Annual AGC of Utah Summer Scholarship Golf Tournament. What a pleasure to see so many of our members and partners at our biggest summer event in our calendar year. With players driving in from all across Utah to join us, our members were able to spend a great day on the course with old friends and networking with new colleagues. We'd like to thank each of our sponsors who made this year's tournament bigger and better than ever. Without their support, we would not be able to make this member-favorite possible. We'd also like to extend our warm gratitude to the staff at each of the courses who invited us back for another year. 

    Each of our courses had fantastic winners, some of which were tight races to the top. Check out our winning teams below. 

  • Soldier Hollow Gold Course Soldier Hollow Gold Course

    1st Place Team Score
    Team Score: -14
    Mike Sivulich Jacobsen
    Nick Gaggero Jacobsen
    Todd Bingham Jacobsen
    Oliver Burt Jacobsen
    2nd Place Team
    Team Score: -13
    Brock Griffith Christensen & Griffith
    Braydon Griffith Christensen & Griffith
    Jack Griffith Christensen & Griffith
    Brett Griffith Christensen & Griffith
    3rd Place Team
    Team Score: -13
    Paul Jeo Goodfellow
    Brad Smith Goodfellow
    Jared Gollinger Goodfellow
    TBA Goodfellow
    4th Place Team
    Team Score: -12
    Mark Green M.C. Green & Sons
    Alec Green M.C. Green & Sons
    Jonas Staker M.C. Green & Sons
    Adam Hammond M.C. Green & Sons
  • Wasatch Mountain Course Wasatch Mountain Course

    *Team Score: -16
    Barlow Nelson Enterprise Fleet Management
    Bucky Westfall Enterprise Fleet Management
    Todd Miller Enterprise Fleet Management
    Tony Wright Enterprise Fleet Management
    1st Place Team Score
    Team Score: -12
    Mason Holdaway IMS Masonry
    Chase Holdaway IMS Masonry
    Kota Centeno IMS Masonry
    Caleb Centeno IMS Masonry
    2nd Place Team
    Team Score: -11
    Brian Tayler Reynolds Excavation
    Brad Ferrell Staker Parson
    Luke Peterson Staker Parson
    Sean Noorda Staker Parson
    3rd Place Team
    Team Score: -10
    Tony Rickards Archer Mechanical
    Nick Rickards Archer Mechanical
    James Coates Archer Mechanical
    Stephen Schmidt Archer Mechanical
    4th Place Team
    Team Score: -10
    Ric Mortenson IRH
    Kevin Jones IRH
    Travis Funk IRH
    Corbin Setpoint IRH
  • Homestead Golf Course Homestead Golf Course

    1st Place Team Score
    Team Score: -18
    Jason Carter The Miller Group
    Dan Henry Belfor Restoration
    John Giuffrida The Miller Group
    Dustin Miller The Miller Group
    2nd Place Team
    Team Score: -15
    Joe Eldredge Jacobsen
    David Vaughan Jacobsen
    Christian Priskos Jacobsen
    Wade Robinson Jacobsen
    3rd Place Team
    Team Score: -13
    Heather Johnson CSDZ
    Chad Evans R&O Construction
    Karyn Salerno CSDZ
    Nike Hammerle Lone Bulle Concrete
    4th Place Team
    Team Score: -11
    Val Christoffersen Honnen Equipment
    TJ Barrow Honnen Equipment
    Tim Nevenner Honnen Equipment
    Nick Doyle Honnen Equipment
  • Soldier Hollow Silver Course Soldier Hollow Silver Course

    1st Place Team Score
    Team Score: -13
    Steve McPherson Ralph L. Wadsworth
    Mike Dahl Ralph L. Wadsworth
    Clint Wiscombe Ralph L. Wadsworth
    Tony Altenes Ralph L. Wadsworth
    2nd Place Team
    Team Score: -11
    Stephen VanBuren Geneva Pipe & Precast
    Steve Mitchell Geneva Pipe & Precast
    Clark Mitchell Geneva Pipe & Precast
    Rusty Michell Geneva Pipe & Precast
    3rd Place Team
    Team Score: -10
    Anthony Peressini Universal Engineering
    Kris Fisher Universal Engineering
    Bill Robbs Universal Engineering
    Aaron Robbs Universal Engineering
    4th Place Team
    Team Score: -9
    Mark Sturdevant Larry H. MIller Ford
    Jason Rowland Larry H. MIller Ford
    Roger Grant Larry H. MIller Ford
    Dave Whitmer Larry H. MIller Ford
  • Wasatch Lake Course Wasatch Lake Course

    1st Place Team Score
    Team Score: -18
    Shane Hintze Jack B Parson
    Drew VanDyke Jack B Parson
    Mitch Egbert Jack B Parson
    Destrie Hansen Jack B Parson
    2nd Place Team
    Team Score: -12
    Andrew Gubler Komatsu
    Aaron Gates Granite Construction
    Tom Brewer Granite Construction
    TBA Komatsu
    3rd Place Team
    Team Score: -12
    Joe Cook Kiewit
    Jim Holmes Kiewit
    Greg Thorp Kiewit
    Steve Jackson Kiewit
    4th Place Team
    Team Score: -11
    Kevin Jolley Jack B Parson
    Buddy Christensen Jack B Parson
    Brad Anderson Jack B Parson
    Bryan Matheson Jack B Parson
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