• All Committees

  • Committee participation is open to all AGC members – committees are a great way to get involved, network and share your talents.

    If you would like to join a committee or attend a meeting please contact the staff liaison listed below. 

  • Northern Utah Committees



    Builders Apprenticeship Committee 

    The Builders Apprenticeship Committee is designed to meet the specific needs of the commercial building contractors throughout the state. With AGC’s apprenticeship program growing, the committee plays a vital role in determining curriculum, related training, and recruitment and retention of apprentices.  

  • Chair: Doroteo Aburto,
    Okland Construction, Inc.

    1978 South West Temple
    Salt Lake City, UT 84115
    Phone: 801-486-0144
    Email: doroteo.aburto@okland.com

  • Highway Apprenticeship Committee

    The Highway Apprenticeship Committee is designed to meet the specific needs of highway contractors throughout the state. With a new UDOT spec recently in place on federally assisted jobs, the Highway Committee is helping to direct the apprenticeship program with regards to curriculum, related training, recruitment, retention, and use of funds. 

  • Chair:

  • Environmental Committee

    The Environmental Committee’s mission is for member companies to work together to create an environment in which the sand and gravel industry in Utah is committed to being safe, environmentally aware, responsive to local communities, and economically feasible.  

  • Chair: Bill King
    Clyde Companies, Inc.

    730 North 1500 West
    Orem, UT 84057
    Phone: 801-222-3306
    Email: billking@clydeinc.com

  • Builders Committee

    The Builders Committee takes an active role in discussing and taking steps to resolve concerns with regards to the building industry of Utah. 

  • Chair: Russell Mumford,
    Okland Construction, Inc. 

    1978 South West Temple
    Salt Lake City, UT 84115
    Phone: 801-486-0144
    Email: russ.mumford@okland.com

  • Convention Committee

    The Convention Committee participates actively in planning and coordinating all aspects of the AGC Annual Convention - this includes events, speakers, gifts etc. 

  • Chair: Julie Warnick
    Clyde Companies, Inc. 

    730 North 1500 West
    Orem, UT 84057
    Phone: 801-802-6963
    Email: jwarnick@clydeinc.com

  • Golf Committee

    The Golf Committee is not only the envy of all the other committees, it also plays an active role in planning all five of the Utah AGC golf tournaments throughout the year. 

  • Chair: Jake Rodgers, 
    A-Core Concrete Specialists

    5360 South Riley Lane
    Murray, UT 84107
    Phone: 801-261-5552
    Email: jake@a-core.com

  • Highway Committee

    The Highway Committee creates a forum for discussion of points of concern or interest with regards to the highway industry in Utah, on both a State and Federal level. AGC works monthly in partnership with UDOT and services as the contractor’s liaison. 

  • Chair: Mike MacArthur,
    Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction  

    166 East 14000 South, Suite 200
    Draper, UT 84020
    Phone: 801-533-1661
    Email: mmacarthur@wadsco.com

  • Legislative Committee 

    The Legislative Committee reviews proposed legislation, determines if AGC needs to take a position, develops action plan to support, oppose or monitor legislation for the association. 

  • Chair: Levi Clegg,
    Jacobsen Construction Co.

    3131 West 2210 South
    Salt Lake City, UT 84119
    Phone: 801-973-0500
    Email: lclegg@jbuild.com

  • Membership Development

    The Membership Committee is charged with the education, recruitment, and development of potential AGC of Utah members that meet the qualifications of membership within the AGC. Membership includes General Contractors, Specialty Contractors, and Service/Suppliers. 

  • Chair: Allen Clemons,
    Stout Building Contractors, LLC.

    1380 West 50 South
    Centerville, UT 84044
    Phone: 801-296-2150
    Email: allenc@stoutbc.com


    Safety Committee(s)

    Builders Safety Committee

    The Builders Safety Committees primary purpose is to assist in the preservation of the health and wellbeing of the AGC’s membership’s workforce by providing: a forum for exchange of industry best practices, networking and safety resources, quality safety services, training and education.  

  • Chair: Cesar Calvillo,
    R&O Construction Inc.    

    933 Wall Avenue
    Ogden, UT 84404
    Phone: 801-627-1403
    Email: cesarc@randoco.com


  • Highway Safety Committee 

    The Highway Safety Committee works to collaborate and share membership best practices while utilizing the committee as a forum to address industry safety concerns and issues with a collective voice. The committee also works as a collective voice to build relationships with owners and create safer workplaces in the Utah Highway Industry. 

  • Chair: Dennis Poulsen
    Wadsworth Brothers Construction

    1350 East Draper Parkway
    Draper, UT 84020 
    Phone: 801-576-1453
    Email: dennis@wadsbro.com

  • Service/Suppliers Committee

    The Service/Suppliers Committee as a group is made up of 15 representatives of various organizations that provide material, products and/or services to the AGC general and specialty contractor membership. The committee has representation on the AGC Board of Directors and is the voice for the AGC service/supplier membership.      

  • Chair: Bup Minardi,
    Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions     

    3695 West 2340 South, Suite B
    West Valley, UT 84120
    Phone: 801-886-3078
    Email: bup.minardi@mountainregionaleq.com

  • Specialty Contractors Committee

    The Specialty Contractors Committee is made up of 15 representatives of various trades in building and highway construction. The committee addresses such issues as contracts, insurance, safety, surety, performance, quality controls, relationships, and team construction. The committee has representation on the AGC Board of Directors and is the voice for the AGC specialty contractor membership.  

  • Chair: Mark Rydalch,
    Rydalch Eletric  

    250 West Plymouth Avenue
    Salt Lake City, Ut 84115
    Phone: 801265-1813
    Email: mrydalch@rydalchelectric.com

  • Utility Infrastructure Committee

    The Utility Infrastructure Committee is the chapter’s link with underground contractors. The committee serves as the liaison to Blue Stakes and owners of utilities in Utah. 

  • Chair: Glen Perry,
    COP Construction. LLC    

    555 West 1100 North
    North Salt Lake City, UT 84054
    Phone: 801-298-9556
    Email: gperry@copconstruction.com

  • Workforce Development

    The Workforce Development Committee is the education/training arm of the AGC. They act as the liaison to the AGC Student Chapters, and coordinate the distribution of AGC scholarships. The committee also assist in special training events. 

  • Chair: Joe Hudson,
    Masterpiece International, Inc. 

    1291 West Center Street
    Lindon, UT 84042
    Phone: 801-404-9708
    Email: jhudson@masterpiecemill.com

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  • Southern Utah Committees

    So. Utah Air Quality Taskforce

    The goal of the Taskforce is to address concerns from citizens and to help find solutions to air quality issues in the area. It provides a place for citizens, industry, and local government officials to come together and discuss opportunities for improvement – but also recognize positive efforts made by all to keep our air clean.

  • Chair: Truston Humphries,
    Sunroc Corporation

    1825 East 3850 South,
    St. George, UT 84790
    Phone: 435-634-2260
    Email: thumphries@sunroc.com  

  • AGC Staff Liaison: Kathy Tolleson
    Email: ktolleson@agc-utah.org

  • So. Utah Golf Committee

    The So. Utah Golf Committee plays an active role in planning all of the Utah AGC golf tournaments in So. Utah throughout the year.

  • Chair: Brian Stocks,
    Western Rock Products

    851 North Red Rock Road
    St. George, UT 84770
    Phone: 435-628-4384 
    Email: bstocks@westernrock.com

  • So. Utah Safety Committee

    The Southern Utah Safety Committee exists to provide essential safety services to all members including safety training, specific to Southern Utah issues.  

  • Chair: Norm Watkins,
    Whitaker Construction

    1506 South Silicone Way #3B
    St George, UT 84770
    Phone: (435) 723-2921
    Email: norm.watkins@whitcon.com

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