• AGC of Utah Annual Awards

  • Skill – The possession and application of technical and practical skill necessary to execute the projects undertaken in a professional and efficient manner. Integrity – The character to comply with the spirit and letter of contracts undertaken, and to handle every transaction with fairness and honor. Responsibility – the possession and application of the necessary finances, cash or credit, together with the needed equipment and organization to fulfill all commitments promptly and completely. 

    These are the values that define our AGC of Utah members and define our Annual Awards. 

  • Eric W. Ryberg Award

  • The Eric W. Ryberg Award was established in 1960 in honor of Eric W. Ryberg, the third president of the AGC of Utah. This Award is presented each year at the AGC’s annual convention to one person whose outstanding service to the general contracting industry of Utah is exemplary. 

  • Note: Eric W. Ryberg Award Nominations are part of the Annual Awards application process and the recipient is recognized at the Annual AGC convention.

  • Service to the Industry Award

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