• The Associated General Contractors of Utah (AGC of Utah) offers monthly Pre-Licensure Education Courses to meet the State of Utah, Department of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL) requirements to obtain a Utah Contractors License.

  • Specialty/Subcontractor 25-Hour Pre-Licensure Specialty/Subcontractor 25-Hour Pre-Licensure

    The AGC of Utah Specialty/Subcontractor 25-Hour Pre-licensure course introduces contractors to various accounting processes, basic business practices, construction law, and general management skills. Industry experts will instruct you each day. Keep in mind, the course was not designed to address technical trade specific skills. 

    • $310 Course Fee (includes lunch)
    • $59 Textbook Fee (not required) Utah Contractor Education, 11th Edition
    • State Law requires attendance for all hours to receive a Completion Certificate
    • There will be a $25 cancellation fee / $50 "No-Show" fee


  • General Contractor 30-Hour Pre-Licensure General Contractor 30-Hour Pre-Licensure

    AGC of Utah General Contractor 30-Hour Pre-licensure course overlaps with and contains all of the information in the 25-Hour course listed above, and include 5 additional hours required by Utah State law to prepare students to pass the Business & Law exam. All general contractors (E100, B100, R100), plumbing and electrical contractors require a 30-hour pre-licensure course.

    • $395 Course Fee (includes lunch)
    • $59 Textbook Fee (optional) Utah Contractor Education, 11th Edition. 
      • Textbook may be used during the DOPL Business & Law Exam
    • State Law requires attendance for all hours to receive a Completion Certificate
    • There will be a $25 cancellation fee / $50 "No-Show" fee


  • 5 Hour Test Prep 5 Hour Test Prep

    Need some help getting ready for the Business and Law exam?  We can add you to the last day of any of our Pre-Licensure classes to get you prepared for testing. (Not needed if already registered for the 30 hour course) The cost is $85 for the class (includes lunch) and $59 for the book. Online options available too on the last day of our Salt Lake courses. Classes run from 8:30-2:00.

    Give us a call to get registered. 801-363-2753 

  • Attention All Out-Of-State License Holders!

    Recent rule changes allow certain out-of-state licensed contractors to be exempt from the pre-licensure course and exam requirement. Call the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL) to see if your out-of-state license meets the requirements 1-866-275-3675.

    See the Utah Contractor Application Page 2 for more information.

  • Construction Management Degree Graduates

    If you have completed a 2 or 4 year degree, you may not need to take a Pre-Licensure Course. See the Utah Contractor Application Page 5 for more information.

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