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Brand Ambassador

The purpose of the We Build Utah campaign is to bring AGC of Utah members together as we promote the construction industry as a viable career. For years, our industry has faced a skilled workforce shortage as fewer and fewer people make construction their career of choice. We want to change public perception by sharing the profound impact construction has Utah's economy, landscape, and future.

We invite you to become a We Build Utah Ambassador to help us spread the message. We want to promote you for joining forces with us. Fill out this form below and you’ll be included in our next marketing asset for the campaign. (We’re currently working on adding a logo list to our recent videos.)

In exchange for promotional consideration on our marketing assets, we ask that you, provide us a point of contact for the campaign, use the #WeBuildUtah hashtag on your social media posts and either put the We Build Utah Logo on your site or display a We Build Utah Banner or logo at project sites.

As a We Build Utah Ambassador you’ll also be able to use the We Build Utah Ambassador logo on your promotional materials in any way you see fit.

we build utah ambassador

Become a #WeBuildUtah Brand Ambassador

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