• 2024 Government Relations

  • AGC of Utah strives to represent our members and the industry as a whole in both state and national politics. During the legislative session, we maintain a constant presence on capitol hill to ensure our members' voices are heard by all of our legislators. 

    Contact us for weekly updates during the Utah Legislative session to know which bills will impact our industry and your business.

  • Eric W. Ryberg Award Recipients

  • Awarding Excellence & Dedication 


    2024 JEFFREY R. CLYDE, W.W. Clyde & Co.

    2023 RICHARD J. THORN, AGC of Utah

    2022 DOUGLAS C. WELLING, Jacobsen Construction

    2021 RALPH L. WADWSORTH, Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction
    2020 W. CRAIG ZWICK, Zwick Construction Company
    2019 ROBERT TEMPEST, Tempest Enterprises, Inc.
    2018 WILFORD CLYDE, W.W. Clyde & Company
    2017 JAMES C. GRAMOLL, Gramoll Construction Company
    2016 ROB MOORE, Big-D Construction Corp.
    2015 MARK J. GREEN, M.C. Green & Sons, Inc.
    2014 WELDON NOLAND, Noland & Sons Construction
    2013 BEN NILSEN, Okland Construction Company
    2012 ALBERT T. SCHELLENBERG, Clyde Companies
    2011 BOB CAMPBELL, Camco Construction
    2010 LONNIE M BULLARD, Jacobsen Construction Co.
    2009 STEVE TEMPEST, Tempest Enterprises
    2008 PAUL B. CLYDE, W.W.Clyde & Co.
    2007 BOYD L. FUGAL, Niels Fugal Sons Company
    2006 RANDY OKLAND, Okland Construction Company
    2005 HARVEY WRIGHT, Jacobsen Construction Company
    2004 S. VAL STAKER, Staker Paving Company
    2003 THEODORE M. JACOBSEN, Jacobsen Construction Company
    2002 RICHARD C. CLYDE, W.W. Clyde & Company
    2001 ALAN S. LAYTON, Layton Construction Company, Inc.
    2000 RONALD I. CHRISTENSEN, Christensen & Griffith Construction Co.
    1999 JACK B PARSON, JR., Jack B. Parson Companies
    1998 WILLIAM R. GARFF, Garff Construction
    1997 NORMAN CLYDE, W.W. Clyde and Company
    1996 SHAY MIYA, Miya Construction Company
    1995 CALVIN W. CARTER, Carter Enterprises
    1994 SIMON CHRISTIANSEN, Christiansen Brothers, Inc.
    1993 RICHARD B. TEMPEST, The Tempest Company
    1992 J.B. PARSON, Jack B. Parson Companies
    1991 C. MONT MAHONEY, Utah Construction & Development
    1990 W. CORNELL CLYDE, W. W. Clyde and Company
    1989 BYRON B. PAULSEN, Paulsen Construction Company
    1988 MAX L. JOHNSON, LeGrand Johnson Construction
    1987 TED C. JACOBSEN, Jacobsen Construction Company
    1986 MARK B. GARFF, Mark B. Garff Construction Company
    1985 JOHN H. TEMPEST, The Tempest Company
    1984 WALTER CHRISTIANSEN, Christiansen Brothers, Inc.
    1983 NOEL GOLD, Gibbons & Reed Company
    1982 JOHN OKLAND, Okland Construction Company
    1981 JERRY K. LAWRENCE, Rocky Mountain Contractors
    1980 V. JAY WADMAN, Wadman Construction Company
    1979 ALAN G. YOUNG, L.A. Young Sons
    1978 BOB WEYHER, Weyher Brothers
    1977 JACK C. ALDER, Alder Construction Company
    1976 RALPH STEENBLIK, Steenblik Construction Company
    1975 HAL M. CLYDE, W.W. Clyde and Company
    1974 ALAN W. LAYTON, Layton Construction Company
    1973 CHARLES H. BLACKBURN, Western Rock Products
    1972 WILLIAM S. BOYD, Peter Kiewit Company
    1971 ERIC D. HOGAN, Hogan & Tingey Construction
    1970 GLEN W. NEILSON, Gibbons & Reed Company
    1969 HAMER S. CULP, Culp Construction Company
    1968 HARRY S. CLYDE, W.W. Clyde and Company
    1967 MAURICE B. McCULLOUGH, M.B. McCullough
    1966 CLIFTON A. TOLBOE, Tolboe Construction Company
    1965 WALLACE L. SMITH, Enoch Smith Sons Company
    1964 JACK OKLAND, Okland Construction Company
    1963 PAUL A. THORN, Thorn Construction Company
    1962 DOUGLAS J. FIFE, Fife Construction Company
    1961 J.P. GIBBONS, Gibbons & Reed Company
    1960 G. MELVIN PAULSON, Utah Construction Company

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